QUADRAC RACES - last updated July 2017


Our next race will be on Thursday evening 17th August.  This will be our last of four triathlon and aquathlon races as part of our annual series.  Click here for an entry form.


Box End Evening Tri Series 2017


The dates for the 2017 series of our off-road Tri and Aquathlon are:

Race 1 - Thursday 18th May 2017 - Results of Tri / Aquathlon

Race 2 - Thursday 15th Jun 2017 - Results of Tri / Aquathlon

Race 3 - Thursday 13th Jul 2017 - Results of Tri / Aquathlon

Race 4 - Thursday 17th Aug 2017 - Results of Tri / Aquathlon


The races are comprised of:



750m O/Water swim

750m O/Water swim

10km X/C bike (2 laps)

5km trail run (1 lap)

5km trail run (1 lap)



Race Entry Form - Box End Tri / Aquathlon 2017


Further details of Box End Water Ski Park can be found at http://www.boxendpark.com/


On Sunday 2nd July, we held a successful Quadrathlon event where all trophies were allocated to well-deserved winners.  For full race report and results please check the BQA website at http://www.britishquadrathlon.org.uk 


Box End Quad 2017 - World Cup Race


RESULTS of Quadrathlon / Quad Kids


 Wednesday 26th April 2017 - 10km Trail Run - Entry Form - Results